Result Card or Result Sheet Creation Using Excel

Microsoft Excel provides immense ways to complete your work quickly. If you are a teacher or you are related to any educational industry. then it is necessary to learn the art of using IF formula. In schools, colleges and universities, the results are produced and circulated to the students quite frequently. So, it is the dire need to have your data in Excel worksheet and produce the result sheet quickly. This way you can announce the result on time and increase the productivity and efficiency of your staff.

In this tutorial, we will learn how you can create the Result Card or Result Sheet Creation Using Excel. Lets look on the following data in Excel worksheet:


 Now you see from above Excel sheet that there are 06 student's data is availavble for different subjects. We first found out total, then divided the total amrks by the total number of papers to find out the average. Now, we developed the IF formula on the given criteraia at the bottom of the worksheet.



We started with IF formula, then use the greater than and equal sign to declare the grading criteria. After entering conditions for all four grades, we closing out the curly brackets by counting the number of times, we opened up the curly brackets.

You can add as many grading criteria as you want. The basic will remain the same. Once you enter a formula, copy down it to the cells beneath it to calculate grades for all the students. Imagine, if you have students in thousands, then this IF formula can help you alot in finding the A1, A, B and C grades. After that, you can filter out the results to easily announce the number of A1, A, B and C grade securing students.